Historic Thousands on Jones St. People's Assembly Coalition

“A MOVEMENT, not a Moment!”


Members from the more than 125 North Carolina State Conference NAACP branches, youth councils, high school and college chapters from the four corners of the state and members and friends of over 160 other social justice organizations make up the Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ) People’s Assembly Coalition!”


In December of 2006, under the leadership of HKonJ Convener, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, who also serves as the President of the NC NAACP State Conference, HKonJ held its first organizing meeting with a diverse group of some of the state’s best organizers, political scientists, lawyers, religious leaders, and activists. Less than two months later, HKonJ kicked off its first annual “HKonJ People’s Assembly” in February of 2007 where more than 3,500 supporters attended as they sanctioned and signed the coalition’s HKonJ 14-Point People’s Agenda (with detailed ‘Action Steps’).” The HKonJ Coalition transformed the 14-Point People’s Agenda into comprehensive reform bills that have been introduced in legislative sessions.

HKonJ achievements include, but are not limited to successful voting, mobilization, legal, and public awareness campaigns aimed toward preventing the unconstitutional resegregation of Wake County Schools (the largest school system in NC); an increase in the minimum wage; successful passage of The Racial Justice Act; obtained Same Day Voting; won Smithfield workers their right to unionize; secured former Governor Perdue's veto of Voter I.D. Laws, veto of unfair budget, veto of legislative efforts to repeal the Racial Justice Act in 2012; and helped to initiate groundwork for former Governor Perdue's “Eugenics Compensation Program Bill.” After an avalanche of extreme and immoral policies passed during the 2013 Legislative Session, under the leadership of the NC NAACP, the HKonJ Coalition continued their work under the banner of the Forward Together Moral Movement and organized 13 Moral Mondays and over 25 local Moral Mondays across the state once the session ended. This nationally known movement has spread to other southern states and has inspired people across the nation. 


HKonJ has become a fusion movement which works 365 days a year! Rev. Barber, the HKonJ Convener, now works with a professional team which includes a full-time HKonJ Coalition Coordinator, a full-time Legal Redress & Public Policy Analyst, and a growing NC NAACP staff. The more than 160 partnering organizations are further “coordinated” with the help of a volunteer “HKonJ Steering Committee headed by two Co-Chairs.

The HKonJ Annual Mobilization has grown from approximately 3,500 attendees in 2007 to approximately 80,000 in 2014! This year's HKonJ People's Assembly, called the Moral March on Raleigh, was the largest civil rights demonstrations in the South since the march to Selma in 1965. Each year, on the 2nd Saturday in February, thousands of HKonJ marchers flood downtown Raleigh, NC where the “HKonJ People’s Assembly” convenes and ultimately marches to the North Carolina State Capitol.


There at the Legislative Building, the HKonJ coalition unites to visibly challenge the extremist attacks on voting rights, economic justice, public education, equal protection under the law, and more.

The HKonJ coalition pushes back against radical ultraconservative legislation which violates the rights of children, African Americans, Hispanics, women, LGBTQ individuals, and other marginalized groups. 

The nonpartisan HKonJ movement holds all lawmakers accountable to the 14-Point People’s Agenda, while rallying around the theme: “Forward together, not one step back!” The HKonJ Coalition transformed the 14-Point People’s Agenda into comprehensive reform bills that have been introduced in legislative sessions.